The Grey Suit

Hey Guys!

I know its been a while since I posted on the blog and I am absolutely sorry. But I am sure you guys will be happy with what I have for you today!

Today’s outfit post is about the perfect suit, specifically the most versatile of them all, the grey suit. 

When it comes to picking out the perfect shade of grey, the charcoal grey is more formal and wintery, where as the light grey is more casual and summery. I would suggest you to opt for a medium grey (like the one I am wearing) that will give you the most scope for day-in, day-out, year-round wear.

A grey suit will take you from the first day on the job all the way to your presentation in the board meeting. In another case, even if you want a suit just for a wedding or a few special occasions, this is one suit you’ll always need. 

I have paired this mid-grey suit with a crisp white shirt and added a striped tie to bring in some life to the outfit instead of keeping it basic with a solid coloured tie. 

Here are some more ways you could style this grey suit: 

  • You can switch it up by going for a striped shirt with a solid coloured tie. (make sure your tie is darker than the colour of your shirt)
  • Incase you aren’t going for super formal occasion then opt for a solid black or white shirt and get rid of the tie. Loosen the top button, put on a pair of brogues and you’re good to go!

These were the few reasons on why a grey suit is such a great investment.

One last tip: Don’t limit yourself by using the suit as a whole, feel free to wear the jacket and trousers as separates.

Now that I have told you all about it, let me know what you think in the comments section below…

Also, some new and different content coming up on the blog real soon. I’ll be talking about a lot more than just outfits that I wear. I am SUPER EXCITED so make sure you are too! #StayTuned 

Outfit Details: Wearing all Marks & Spencer. 

Photography: Mohit Varu.





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