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Most of you who follow me on Instagram know that I recently visited Greece. I travelled to Athens, Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. I’ve done a couple of travel series on my Instagram earlier but never really did a post on my blog. After this trip I made up my mind to give you guys a tour on what I did, where I went along with a list of things to do.

Let’s begin…

I left Mumbai on 3rd of August, 2017. Flew Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. Honestly, I had a great on board experience with a really sweet cabin crew.

Day 1 – 3rd August
Landed in Athens.
Checked in Emerald Suites, few minutes away from the famous Plaka area and the Acropolis.
We were really tried by the time we got there but we just had a day to make the most of it. We quickly settled in, freshened up and left to explore the Plaka area around the Acropolis. Davinci had the best Gelato I’ve ever had in my life. Just too much love for dark chocolate.

After a little bit of walking around we then headed to ‘A for Athens‘ for a meal over viewing the Acropolis with a beautiful sunset.

Day 2 – 4th August 
Left for Mykonos via sea jet. It was an amazing 5 hour journey with a beautiful view all throughout. I’d totally suggest you to take the sea jet instead of a flight to Mykonos.
Reached our beautiful villa, Blue Ocean Mykonos at Ornos.
After checking in, our lovely host Dimitri, gave us a list of things to do and sorted us with our travel for the next 4 days. We left for Paraga beach to get some lunch at Tacos Taverna.
Paraga Beach

We then walked it to the famous Paradise beach and hung out at Guapaloca & Tropicana beach club. Once we reached Tropicana we knew we were coming here again and honestly we did, EVERYDAY!
We left to go back to our villa at about 8pm since we have a hectic night ahead bringing in my buddy Rahul Ramnani’s birthday.
Went to Club VOID to bring in his birthday and it was the best choice we made. One of the best club around Mykonos. Also, Nic Fanciulli was playing so that was a win win!
Day 3 – 5th August 
Started the day off late but nothing is really late or early during Summer in Mykonos. Reached Tropicana Beach Club around 5:30pm and as usual the place was lit. We had pretty much planned all the places we were going to go way in advance since we had just 4 nights to cover all that we could.
The plan for the night was Cavo Paradiso which is at paradise beach itself. Paradise beach is THE place to be in Mykonos. We were pretty tired by the time we got there but as Nicky Romero came on he really did set the vibe right. We had an absolutely amazing night there and ended it at the cafe outside with some PIZZA!
Day 4 – 6th August
Finally the most awaited day was here since we were going to Nammos! Those who follow me on snapchat and saw my Instagram stories already knows how that went.
Let me tell you a bit about Nammos. This was the only place we took a reservation 2 weeks in advance cause you have to. It’s not one of those places were you can walk in and get a table easily. Even with a reservation if you reach 5 mins late your table is gone. It’s a billionaire attraction having every possible celebrity coming there including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and tons of more.
We got there at 2:30pm for some sea food, sushi and champagne.
By the time it was 5pm this place completely shifted to becoming a massive party. When I say massive party, I mean showers, CHAMPAGNE SHOWERS!
I can call this the BEST place to go to in Mykonos.
We left at about 8:30pm from there when the sun was about to set and the party got a bit more chill. We then went to the place I told you we knew we were going to go everyday, TROPICANAAAAA 😛
Day 5 – 7th August 
This was the last day in Mykonos and we still hadn’t entered the sea so by default that was one confirmed plan along with Toy Room at night to bring in Karan Rochlani’s Birthday.
We started the day off with Scorpios for lunch with a stunning view of Paraga Beach. This was the last place on our list to tick off.



We then headed down to Paraga beach to lay on the sun beds and finally enter the sea. We had a super chilled time around the beach.
Excited for the night. We brought in our friends birthday in our villa since 12am was a bit early to head to the club. All night clubs only open doors at 1:30am cause, Mykonos <3
The night was all about good friends, hip hop, R & B and a lot of alcohol.
We were there till sunrise and it was already time to leave the island. That fact just got us all upset.
Last Mykonos Sunset
Day 6 – 8th August 
Left for the next 2 nights to an island near by called Paros. It was just a 40min ride from Mykonos to Paros. As we reached the port we had someone from our ‘Hotel Argo’ to pick us up. We reached the hotel literally in less than a minute since it was just 500 metres away. The rooms were small and cute with our balcony facing the beach. We had already started feeling the chilled vibes of the island. Since we were really tired after those 4 nights in Mykonos, coming to Paros was a great idea.
After an entire day of sleeping we headed out at about 10pm to get some dinner around the port at one of the restaurants facing the sea. We then went to this Bar/Club called Dublin Air. It was an Irish bar with an open bar area and 3 different rooms playing 3 different genres of music. We didn’t even realise how time passed there and the sun was already up.


Day 7 – 9th August
The day we were pretty excited about since we were going to have an entire day of exploring Paros on our ATV’s. We went to Pounda Beach for the sunset. Pounda Beach Club usually has really nice beach parties but unfortunately there wasn’t one on the day we went. We came back, had a nice dinner around our hotel and got back to our rooms a bit early since we were leaving the next day for the much awaited, SANTORINI!





This is the end of the first part of my Greece Travel Story. Part 2 is all about Santorini!
I will be posting it in a couple of days but until then check this out and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Much Love,

Nikhil 🙂

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