How To Dress like G Eazy (Under Rs.4000/-)

Since the 1980s, hip-hop has been closely embedded with fashion. So many rappers rap about Gucci shoes, Louis Vuitton belts, Goyard bags and so much more. Celebrities have always had a great influence on fashion but lately it’s specifically been rappers, which have led to them becoming the faces of iconic fashion brands.

As said by G Eazy himself, ‘Rock ‘n’ roll and contemporary hip-hop both really influenced my style and my music.’ His outfits focus on a few style essentials such as Yves Saint Laurent leather jackets, Ray-Ban Wayfarers, skinny black jeans, Vans and basic t-shirts which makes his style very minimal, vintage and sure does make him stand out.

In this post I’ve tried to cover one of his outfits from his concert which is also similar to another one from one of his photoshoots as seen below. I’m wearing a pair of plaid trousers I purchased from a sale at Zara a few months ago paired with a H&M basic black t-shirt, Converse chucks and neck chains from H&M and Voylla. Most important part about the look is that it’s all under Rs. 4000/- 😀

Hope you guys liked this post. Let me know which other celebrity style I should cover on the blog next!

Photographed by: Sanket S Kamble.

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