Dressed in Numero Uno

Let’s start with a bit of an introduction for those of you who don’t
know, Numero Uno is one the most known denim brands of India that
offers a wide range of casual wear along with it’s famous collection of
jeanswear. This includes jeans, t-shirts, shirts, jackets etc. Basically,
everything a guy can own.
I was super excited when I was told to cover their winter collection.
Their collections are so wide that it got really difficult to pick just a
few. Instead of all the talking, it’s time to show you my favourites
from the collection.
So here’s how I styled the Numero Uno Winter Collection:

Starting with my most favourite piece from the collection, The Gilet
Jacket. Gilet Jackets are a perfect addition to your wardrobe! The
best part is that they go all year long since they’re super lightweight.
I’ve styled it over a light knit sweater making it perfect for the
Bombay weather.
Additional note: It’s majorly known as being a middle layer to your
winter outfit, so those living in cooler parts can throw on a jacket
over and your perfect winter outfit is complete.

Talking about jackets, this embroidered denim jacket is their key
piece from the collection and also one of the coolest denim jackets
I’ve worn.

Every man needs to own a plaid shirt. Plaid shirts go well paired
with chinos or jeans, and equally at home under a jacket or worn
unbuttoned over a classic white tee.
Most important thing while putting together an outfit with a plaid
shirt is to keep the rest of the outfit laid back and let the shirt do the

Who says winter is complete without knitwear? I’ve forever been a
big fan of knits and try wearing it whenever I can be it summer or
winter. The amazing range of light knits from Numero Uno caught my
eye instantly.

The best part about the entire winter collection from Numero Uno is
that it’s so versatile and can be worn all year long.
I hope you guys liked how I styled all these pieces. Go shop yours
now on https://www.numerounojeanswear.com/

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